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Raw Nutrition CBum Mass Gainer

Raw Nutrition CBum Mass Gainer

Raw Nutrition

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If there is one thing Chris Bumstead knows how to do, it is how to get absolutely massive! The latest arrival in Australia in his range to help you achieve that goal, is BUM Mass Gainer! If you are looking for a delicious way to get some easy calories in, look no further. BUM Mass Gainer is a high protein, high carb, low fat mass gainer, pushing 1070 calories per serve! Unlike some other mass gainers, BUM Mass Gainer is not loaded up with unnecessary sugars to pick up the calorie count. With 53g of protein per serve, made up of both fast releasing whey protein and slow releasing casein, BUM Mass Gainer ticks the boxes when it comes to ensuring adequate protein intake. BUM Mass Gainer contains a premium blend of carbohydrates, consisting of maltodextrin, sweet potato starch, oat flour, and quinoa powder.


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