About Us

We have to start off with a brag. Not only were we one of the first health food retailers in Melbourne - launching way back in 1974 - but we’re still the only store to be staffed exclusively by trained health professionals, from sports nutritionists to naturopaths and more!

Everyone deserves complete health - and we'll help you achieve it

The Evelyn Faye Nutrition team have helped bodybuilders, body shapers, endurance athletes as well as AFL footballers and Australian Olympians with advice and products to push their physical limits and achieve optimal performance. But don’t think we’re just for sports professionals, our true passion is helping everyone achieve the best health and fitness level they possibly can; for example:

  • Teenagers starting a promising sporting career,
  • Busy mums and dads seeking more energy and endurance,
  • Performance athletes pushing their physical limits,
  • Business professionals wanting stress-relief or help with insomnia,
  • Baby boomers seeking increased vitality and longevity.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, or what sport you play, we’ve got products and supplements that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Let our trained professionals help you achieve optimal health, fitness and longevity!

Being one of the earliest health and nutrition retailers in Australia we've seen amazing advances in the science of health and nutrition. We’ve also seen the industry explode with an overwhelming range of health supplements, vitamins and sports food options.

We know you need expert advice. That’s why all our retail staff are trained health professionals: nutritionists, naturopaths, sports nutritionists - we even have a qualified pharmacist on staff. We can help you understand your options and provide you with expert health, nutrition and diet advice. We are here to help!

We source the best local and international nutrition brands at competitive prices

We stock a massive range of the best supplements and heath products available. Just a quick walk through our retail stores will give you an idea of just how wide our range is.

As one of the first health food and nutritional supplement stores in Australia, we’ve developed long term relationships with local manufacturers and international suppliers and we negotiate preferential rates to ensure your journey to health and fitness is affordable and achievable. The only question is: what part of your health do you want to improve today?

Our History

For 50 years we've been helping Australians find the best supplements and health products available on the market.

When we started as Evelyn Faye Nutrition in 1974 we focused on women’s health and nutrition. Then in 1995 we opened our first Melbourne CBD store and we were the first retailer to actively promote the burgeoning science of sports nutrition.

In 1999 we went digital! We wanted to reach a wider audience, so we launched our very first CompleteHealth website - we were one of the first in Australia. But we never lost our strong retail roots.

In 2007 we opened a second store in South Melbourne. This helped us reach a new group of customers in Melbourne's south-east (plus we made a lot of our loyal customers happy when they didn’t have to travel into the CBD to visit us every month). Unexpectedly, we also gained a new following from the swim/surf/run endurance triathletes who train at the nearby Melbourne Aquatic Centre.

In 2016 and beyond we're going to keep on doing what we do best: providing you with the very best advice and products to help you achieve your health aim. Remember, it doesn’t matter what your health and fitness goals are - if you have a question about your health, just ask! In 2017 we have changed the name of this site to evelynfaye.com.au.

In 2024 we're celebrating 50 years since our first store opened!