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Oxygn Active Body + Nano Water

Oxygn Active Body + Nano Water


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By delivering exceptionally high oxygen levels into the bloodstream, Oxygn™ becomes a vehicle for delivering additional active ingredients more effectively. Oxygn’s™ easy to absorb ultra fine nano bubbles, infused with magnesium and electrolytes, may deliver more efficiently than standard water-based drinks.  It may reduce symptoms of dehydration, inflammation and cramping, and improve muscle stamina.

Non-carbonated oral liquid, mixed berry taste.

(AustL: 413609)

Unlock more performance

How well we recover from one day’s activities dictates how we perform the next. By increasing lactate clearance, OXYGN™ speeds up athletic recovery and the removal other toxins e.g. alcohol.

  • Decrease, reduce and relieve muscle cramps
  • Maintains and supports muscle relaxation
  • Helps enhance, improve, promote and increases muscle performance, endurance and stamina
  • Antioxidants reduce free radicals formed in the body
  • Anti-inflammatory relieves inflammation

Next-level nano technology

OXYGN™ not only delivers exceptionally high levels of oxygen into the bloodstream, it also becomes a vehicle to more effectively deliver additional active ingredients and super-charge OXYGN’s™ efficacy in:

  • Reducing symptoms of dehydration, inflammation and cramping
  • Improving muscle relaxation, performance and stamina

OXYGN’s™ easy to absorb ultra-fine nano bubbles deliver magnesium and electrolytes more efficiently than standard water-based drinks.

It’s this combination of highly effective active ingredients and unrivalled delivery that makes OXYGN™ unlike any hydration drink available today.

Unlock more potential

Nanotechnology isn’t simply working on smaller scales, it’s about unlocking unique properties only available at the nanoscale.

  • Australian made
  • Ultra fine nano bubbles
  • Non-carbonated
  • Glass and aluminium recyclable


Purified water 98.75 mg/mL, berry flavour PI110322 1.00 micrograms/mL, blackberry flavour PI110321 0.75 micrograms/mL.

Active ingredient: Magnesium citrate 750micrograms/mL (equiv. to magnesium 120 micrograms/mL).

Contains: Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.


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