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MooGoo Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C) (3%) Brightening Active Serum

MooGoo Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C) (3%) Brightening Active Serum


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  • An antioxidant serum that targets pigmentation and sun damage
  • Contains the maximum concentrations of well-researched ingredients
  • An extra stable form of Vitamin C so it’s fresh and effective when it meets your skin
  • Oil-soluble Vitamin C can penetrate deeper and more effectively into the skin
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is less irritating to skin than other forms of Vitamin C
  • Includes a unique, innovative and naturally derived ingredient called Sepiwhite
  • Sepiwhite works to inhibit melanin production to reduce the creation of future age spots
  • Lactic Acid removes dead skin cells leaving behind a brighter, more radiant complexion

Glowy skin is all the rage these days, but dark spots, sun damage and pigmentation can really rain on that parade. Luckily, achieving beautifully radiant and even-toned skin is no longer just a figment of your imaginative daydreams. We took a deep dive into the science books to get this one just right, not only so it’s creamy and feels dreamy, but also to make sure it does the hard yards to diminish dark spots, peace out pigmentation, even out skin tone and bring back that brightness.

It's easy to chuck a few nice-sounding ingredients in a bottle and call it a serum, but we’re nothing less than obsessed with making sure our products do exactly what they say. There’s nothing worse than people (and products) that do all the talky-talky but none of the walky-walky. To make this serum superb and leave a lasting impression on your skin (and heart), we put a few heavy hitters on the job. As always, we only use credible ingredients in their maximum clinical concentrations.

First up, we use a specialised form of Vitamin C that scientists call Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (AT), but we call it a triple threat. First off, it’s extra stable so it’s fresh and effective when it meets your skin – very important! Unstable forms can oxidise quickly rendering its good properties null and void, making it a waste of your hard-earned MOO-lah. AT is also oil-soluble which means it can penetrate deeper and more effectively into the skin. And finally, it’s known to be less irritating than other forms out there. Alright C, you big show off. Being an acclaimed antioxidant, not only does it lighten skin discolouration, but it also fights free radicals that cause skin ageing. AT loves skin so much that it’s been shown to stay in cells 40 to 80 times longer than other forms of Vitamin C and have 4 times the effect. But there is one downside to this seemingly perfect child: it’s very expensive. While we could downgrade and cut our costs, we think the difference it makes is worth every pretty penny.

We also use a unique, innovative and naturally derived ingredient called Sepiwhite that reports in for double duty. It works to inhibit melanin production in the skin to reduce the creation of future age spots. OK, we’re listening. It’s also proven to lighten dark spots and pigmentation meaning this 2-for-1 deal is not only a proactive preventative measure, but also deals with damage already done to create a coveted complexion. And finally, we had to invite our favourite AHA to join the show. Lactic Acid removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin through enzymatic exfoliation leaving behind a fresher, brighter, more radiant complexion. It also pitches in to help fade dark spots and smooth out skin tone, another double whammy. Dark spots don’t stand a chance. Since we don’t use any harsh bleaching ingredients, and because good things take time, you’ll see your dark spots lighten and your skin brighten with consistent use over time. While using any brightening products, avoid sun exposure, or wear a hat and sunscreen when spending time outdoors.


Water (Aqua), Glyceryl Oleate Citrate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C), Cetearyl Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Lecithin, Sclerotium Gum, Pullulan, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine (Sepiwhite®), Lactic Acid, Tromethamine, Phospholipids, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Glycolipids, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Sterols, Tocopherol, Piroctone Olamine, Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Peel Oil, Potassium Sorbate.

Because we make our products for our families, we have a strict ingredient philosophy that excludes ingredients like Parabens and Phenoxyethanol.

We show all of the ingredients we use in our products on our website, not just the pretty ones. That way you know exactly what's in each one, and can get in touch if you have any more questions.

Please be aware that the ingredients we use in our formulas may be updated occasionally and therefore vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product packaging for the most up-to-date and relevant list of ingredients.


Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Use only as directed.

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Our goal with our products is to make something that works. Not everything we make will work for every one (because we're all so different), and there is no such thing as a miracle cure *insert eye roll here*. But we do the research and our ingredient philosophy is simple: To make effective products using healthy ingredients, that we are comfortable using on ourselves and our loved ones.

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