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Healthwest HydroCell

Healthwest HydroCell


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Concentrated dual-action stabilized oxygen, complexed with silver ions (ionic) in a hypo-allergenic solution

When combined with singlet oxygen the benefit of silver ions is dramatically multiplied. Using HydroCell is like having a second immune system.

It has no side effects or interactions with other drugs, nutrients or therapies. Your energy levels will increase and you will experience a heightened sense of well-being.

HydroCell uses nature’s two most powerful healing agents, oxygen and silver in a synergistic complex.

How does it work?


Oxygen is one of life’s most important elements and the single most important nutrient to be taken into the human body. We need oxygen to create energy, digest food, metabolize fats, and to clean and detoxify our vital organs. It is so important that we will die in a matter of minutes if we are deprived of it.

Oxygen is needed to supply the energy we need for our immune system to function correctly. It is carried from our lungs by the red blood cells to every part of the body and provides energy to the brain as it stimulates enzyme systems throughout the body.

Oxygen is needed for cell regeneration and is vital for all functions of the human body. A lack of oxygen can result in many diseases, sicknesses and suffering.

Active ingredients

Oxygen 1000 ppm

Silver Ions 20 ppm


Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Use only as directed.

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