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Forest Super Foods Lion's Mane Mushroom

Forest Super Foods Lion's Mane Mushroom

Forest Super Foods

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  • May help to improve productivity and reduce brain fog
  • 100% Australian grown, dried and packaged
  • Freeze dried to lock in more nutrients
  • Full Spectrum: Whole mushroom + mycelium with all active compounds
  • Grown organically in Victoria for 5+ years

Not all Lions Mane products are the same… in fact ours is very different.

Here’s all the ways we ensure you get the highest quality lions mane product on the planet.

  • Bioavailable cell wall is broken down
  • Full spectrum contains the mycelium and fruiting body
  • Safe our mushrooms are heated to 60 degrees prior to drying
  • Freeze dried to maximise nutrients and vitamins
  • Australia Grown away from heavy metals and pollution
  • Minimal processing no extraction, alcohol or chemicals used
  • 3rd party lab tested in Australia in the last 12 months

What are the benefits of taking Lion's Mane?

Lions Mane Mushroom is known as the ‘brain’ mushroom

It is good for many things but it is best known for helping to reduce brain fog and boost productivity. This ‘brain boosting’ mushroom contains two powerful compounds that can help support the growth and maintenance of nerve cells in the brain; hericenones which are predominantly found in the fruiting body, and erinacines which are mostly found in its mycelium ‘roots’.

It also contains a wide range of nutrients and bioactive compounds, which can support overall health and wellbeing.

How is our Lion's Mane grown?

Grown Organically in Australia

Mushrooms typically requires a substrate like dead wood to grow, although we utilise a method developed over decades by the world famous mycologist, Paul Stamets, to grow them on organic brown rice. In this method, the mushroom consumes the brown rice as its food source. Once the mushroom is ready to harvest, it has consumed virtually all of the brown rice, and what’s left is the mycelium and fruiting body.

Mushrooms are nature’s sponges

Mushrooms will absorb any heavy metals and pollutants in the air or water, so it’s incredibly important that they’re grown in a clean environment. We grow our Lion’s Mane right here in Australia, to the highest certified organic standards, to ensure it’s the best quality on the planet.

Why does our Lion's Mane get the best results?

The 4 reasons it works

  1. It is 100% Australian Grown and organic so you can be confident that it is free of heavy metals and pollutants (lab test below).
  2. We freeze dry our mushrooms this special drying process is (almost) the nutritional equivalent to eating the mushroom fresh. Other drying methods result in significantly more nutrient loss.
  3. We use the whole mushroom so this product contains the full spectrum of nutrients, vitamins and compounds found in nature.
  4. We include the mycelium: The ‘roots’ of the mushroom great for gut health + contains active compounds not found in the fruiting body

When is the best time to take Lion's Mane?

Lion’s Mane can be quite energising so we recommend taking it after your first meal, in the morning. Try adding a spoonful to your coffee for added productivity.

Does Lion's Mane work immediately?

When it comes to maximising your results, consistency is key

Everybody has different experiences with different super foods. For some people they feel the difference within an hour, for others it can take weeks or months.

When you consume a whole food you can be sure it is doing you good, regardless of whether you are aware of it or not!

Why has it been said that Lion's Mane is good for the brain?

Used for thousands of years

This special mushroom has deep roots in traditional medicine, and has been used for centuries to support overall health. Ancient herbalists recognised its potential to promote brain power and believed it could contribute to a clear and focused mind.

Today, Lion’s Mane has become renowned for helping to increase productivity and reduce brain fog, making it a go-to super food for when you need to get stuff done.

Unique mushroom compounds

Lion’s Mane contains many beneficial compounds, including hericenones found in its fruiting body and erinacines in its mycelium ‘roots’, which can help reduce brain fog and improve productivity. These compounds are found in the whole food form of Lion’s Mane, and may be missing from an extract.

Its nootropic factors make it an excellent super food in times when you may need to concentrate or spark creativity.

It has a range of other benefits as well, from supporting the gut and your body’s natural defences. There are many studies and articles online about the potential benefits of this amazing mushroom.

Why does Forest Super Foods only do whole foods?

Unlike processed foods & extracts that are stripped of their natural goodness, whole foods retain their complete nutritional profiles, boasting a rich array of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and active compounds.

With their unparalleled ability to promote vibrant health, whole foods stand as the unrivalled champions of nutrition, offering us a safer and more varied amount of benefits than an extract

Does Lion's Mane interact with any pharmaceuticals?

We don’t recommend consuming this mushroom if you are taking blood thinning medication, as they can both have the same effect on the body.

There are no other known contraindications.

Why include the mycelium?

Most people think it is the beta-glucans that are important in Lions Mane.. but Beta-glucans are found in many foods including oats and barley.

The unique active compounds of Lions Mane are the Hericenones and the Erinacines.

Studies have found that the Hericenones are present mostly in the fruiting body but the Erinacines are present mostly in the mycelium (the “roots” of the mushroom).

Our Lions Mane supplement contains both the fruiting body and the mycelium so you get the full spectrum of benefits.

Best way to consume?

Capsules: Take with water or juice

Scientific name

Hericium sp.

How many mg per capsule?

500mg Lions Mane Fruiting body + mycelium per capsules, (Capsules are 100% vegan made from plant starch)

What are the ingredients?

Lions Mane Mushroom, Myceliated Substrate

Recommended serving size?

Up to 4x Capsules

Can I take this with other super foods?

Yes! All our products are whole foods. Generally speaking combining whole foods is like combining vegetables! In fact it can often be beneficial to consume multiple super foods together.


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