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Delicious Baked Treats Without the Guilt - From The Protein Bread Company

Delicious Baked Treats Without the Guilt - From The Protein Bread Company

Who doesn’t love baked goods, especially if they are healthy for us?! If you adhere to a particular diet that steers clear of gluten, dairy, refined sugar and/or animal products, the Protein Bread Company has you covered! If you find yourself gazing longing into bakery windows, feel guilt free with their range of healthy and delicious baking mixes to suit your dietary requirements.

The PBCo hails from Sydney, Australia and was founded by Anna Hopkins in 2012. The company first came to life when Anna owned a café in Sydney and began making her own natural, low card protein breads for her customers who wanted better, healthier options.

The benefits of reducing refined carbohydrates in your diet include:

  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Maximum energy and vitality
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Effective diabetes management

Life is for living and food is for enjoying. When you feel unrestricted in your diet, you can better adhere to a sustainable healthy diet over the long term. It is when you feel restricted this creates a negative relationship towards food, making you more likely to binge eat or give up a dietary routine altogether.

Never feel as though you are missing out again with the PBCo’s delicious and healthy range of baking mixes. From high protein, gluten free banana breads, to vegan low carb pancake mixes, be that friend who’s house smells of a freshly baked cakes. See below to browse our range of PBCo’s baking mixes and happy baking!

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