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Schuessler Tissue Salts Comb I - Fibrositis

Quick Overview

For the temporary relief of fibrositis, muscular pain and inflammation.

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Fibrositis, muscular pains and allied conditions.

Fibrositis and muscular pain (sometimes called muscular rheumatism), is marked by pain and stiffness. It is caused by inflammation of the sheaths surrounding the muscle fibres which are involved with body movement. Combination I provides three tissue salts which act together favourably for this condition. Naturally, it the trouble persists, medical help should be sought.

Assists with:

  • Fibrositis
  • Muscular pain
  • Inflammation

Directions For Use

Adults: Take 1 tablet.
Children: Take 1/2 tablet.
Infants: Take 1/4 tablet.

Chew tablets or crush and dissolve in water. For acute conditions, take every half an hour (up to 6 doses per day) until your symptoms subside. For chronic or maintenance doses, take a dose 4 times daily. Take half an hour before meals, with the lost dose being taken at bedtime, or as professionally prescribed.


Each tablet contains equal amounts of 6x:

Ferr Phos (Ferrum phosphate), Kali Sulph (Potassium sulphate), Mag Phos (Magnesium phosphate).