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Rapid Vegan Plant Protein

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1000 g (1 kg) Chocolate
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RAPID VEGAN’s unique protein blend contains Organic Pea and Organic Brown Rice protein with the addition of Smooth Protein. This patented blend of Organic watermelon, pumpkin and sunflower seeds is used to ensure a smooth, non-gritty texture.Rapid Vegan's friendly protein has been formulated to provide a high amount of protein (yielding 78%) that is naturally sweetened with Stevia. Rapid Vegan has used the latest flavour advancements in the supplement industry to bring you a delicious, creamy, plant based protein that provides you with all the essential amino acids. These are the building blocks of life and need to be supplied through our diet.

How to us:

Mix one scoop (30g) in 200-300 ml of almond milk or water. Then blend, stir or shake until powder is dissolved.


Nutritional information shown in images above.