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MuscleTech Vapormax

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Pre-workout - Max-strength, clinically dosed

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25 Serves Blood Orange
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25 Serves Sour Power Peach
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Introducing Vapormax - the max-strength, clinically dosed, single-scoop pre-workout from MuscleTech. Vapormax is a powerful pre-workout stimulant designed with an extremely potent, clinically researched, cutting-edge formula to amplify results at multiple levels, for a superior workout each and ever time you use it. Whether you want extreme energy, enhanced muscular endurance, or maximum strength and muscle growth, Vapormax will deliver maximum potency for maximum results.

Long-lasting muscle pumps

Vapormax features a powerful pump matrix which delivers a massive 6g of pure L-citrulline malate. L-citrulline has been shown in research to support plasma arginine levels.

Proven muscle building & performance

Vapormax uses scientifically studied doses of beta-alanine (3.2g) and adenosine 5'-triphosphate disodium (400mg) for maximizing musclebuilding power! Hard-training subjects who supplemented with adenosine disodium triphosphate in a 12-week human clinical study increased strength by 147% moer than subjects using a placebo. Even better, these same subjects gained 8.8lbs of lean muscle versus the placebo group, who only gained 4.6lbs. - that's 90% more lean muscle. Adenosine disodium triphosphate also forces crazy muscle pumps unlike anything you've ever felt.

Extreme energy and intense focus

Vapormax delivers a precise dose of caffeine to enhance energy and focus. What's more, the formula includes a dual-sourced dose of choline, Myristica fragrans and TeaCrine for a unique sensory experience. Feel the explosive energy to power you through your training sessions.
Amount Per Serving (serving Size: 6.7g (1 Scoop) Mixed With 1100ml Of Water) (Based On Blood Orange)
Energy8kJ (2 Cal)
Fat, Total0g
- Saturated0g
Carbohydrates, Total0.2g
- Sugars<0.1g
Sodium310mg (13mmol)
Composition information
L-citrulline malate6000mg
Adenosine 5'-triphosphate disodium (ATP)400mg
Caffeine (as caffeine anhydrous and Coffea robusta extract [bean])250mg
Choline (as choline bitartrate and alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline)200mg
English walnut extract (fruit)100mg
Myristica fragans extract (nutmeg) (seed)100mg
Supplying myristicin 
Theacrine (as TeaCrine)100mg
Satsuma orange concentrate (as Citrus unshiu) (pulp)2mg
Supplying beta-cryptoxanthin 
Huperzine-A (as Huperzia serrata) (aerial parts)100μg