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Masquelier's Anthogenol

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Antioxidant; Targets age-related damage to skin and blood vessels.

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In 1948, Dr. Jack Masquelier discovered the remarkable phyto-nutrient known today as MASQUELIER's Original OPCs, also trademarked as ANTHOGENOL. His invention of the first viable method to isolate from plants sufficient quantities of OPCs marked the beginning of the exploration of the profound and promising impact this phyto-nutrient displayed right away in the field of human health and nutrition.

Most individual vitamins found in today's dietary supplements are synthetically manufactured or produced by way of fermentation. All Vitamin C is synthesized Vitamin C. Other popular dietary ingredients such as Co-Q10 are being made by way of fermentation. Food supplements contain a multitude of synthetic nutrients simply because synthesizing them is much cheaper than isolating them from their natural sources. Unlike such synthetic and fermented nutrients, MASQUELIER's Original OPCs (ANTHOGENOL) is the truly natural phyto-nutrient. For more than 40 years MASQUELIER's Original OPCs has been carefully isolated from plant materials selected on the basis of uncompromising economic, industrial and scientific criteria.

Ingredients Per Capsule
Vitis Vinifera extract100mg
equivalent to dry seed12g
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)40mg
Silicon Dioxide20mg