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Loving Earth Fine Desiccated Coconut

Quick Overview

A rich source of Lauric Acid in addition to being a great source of dietary fibre.

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Loving Earth's Coconut is certified organic and sulphite free. Coconut is a rich source of Lauric Acid. It is also a rich source of dietary fibre. Many island communities believe that coconuts can cure all illnesses. Perhaps this is why the coconut tree is popularly referred to as the 'Tree of Life'. The Fine Desiccated Coconut has a powdery consistency, ideal for sprinkling on cakes or desserts.

Health Benefits

Coconuts are great for the immune system. Apart from being associated with anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, studies have found Lauric Acid increases good cholesterol in the body. Almost half of the coconut's fatty acid profile consists of Lauric Acid. Apart from mother's milk, there aren't too many natural sources that have such a high Lauric Acid content. They have a rich mineral profile which includes Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper and Manganese. Coconuts are a rich source of dietary fibre. They improve the body's ability to absorb Calcium and Magnesium, which encourage strong, healthy bones and teeth.

How To Use

Great as a garnish on desserts, as a trail mix ingredient or mixed through yoghurt and ice-cream.

Nutritional Information Per Serve (10g)
Fat Total6.4g
Saturated Fat5.7g