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Essential Hemp Organic Hemp Protein Powder

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Raw organic Hemp protein, to increase protein uptake and enhance general well being

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Hemp Foods Australia's Hemp Protein powder contains all the amino acids in great proportions and as well as being voted the best raw protein, it is gluten free, vegan, and plant based.

Hemp protein is an ideal vegan and vegetarian and, unlike pea protein and whey protein, supports a truly sustainable Australian hemp industry for food, fibre, fuel, paper, building and bioplastics.

Hemp Foods Australia's Hemp Protein is made by cold-pressing whole hemp seeds which separates the seed from the oil. A very fine powder is then created by cold-milling and then sieving (physical separation), a natural process that does not use heat, chemicals or solvents.

Hemp protein powder has a mild flavour that easily blends with many foods. The protein and fibre help slow digestion, prevent spikes in blood sugar, and helps the body to sustain energy.

Hemp protein powder can be mixed in with smoothies and shakes, or sprinkled on yoghurt, cereal or fruit. You can even try mixing it into your salad dressing, soup stock, burgers, or nut butters. The powder can be used in any baked goods, and can replace some of the flour that is used.