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Green Tea x50

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60 x 3 g peach
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The amazing ALL NEW formula of Green Tea X50 is here, now all natural, stronger than ever.

Green Tea X50 is a natural energy drink & thermogenic fat burner that helps energize, revitalize, detox & assists weight loss.

All natural Green Tea X50 is a delicious tasting, naturally sweetened, super green tea energy drink that is full of antioxidants, has no artificial flavours or preservatives and comes with the polyphenol equivalent of up to 20 cups of green tea polyphenols in a serve. All of this goodness comes in a convenient and easy to use sachet.

Green Tea X50 is great as a pre-workout or intra-workout boost or just as an all-round healthy drink!

How Green Tea x50 Helps:
  • Only 10 Calories and up to 20 cups of Green Tea Polyphenols in each serve.
  • Instant Energy Drink full of Antioxidants.
  • No Preservatives or Artificial Colours.
  • Low Sugar, Low Fat, Aspartame Free, Low GI, and Gluten Free.

Green Tea x50 may:
  • Stimulate Metabolism and Fat Burning Process.
  • Increase Energy and Improve Physical Performance.
  • Potent Antioxidant.

Directions For Use

Mix one sachet in 600ml to 1 litre of water (depending on your tastebuds).
You can even mix it with Coconut Water, Sparkling Mineral Water or put it into smoothies.
Take one 3g Sachet daily to maintain general wellbeing. Take two 3g sachets to help promote thermogenesis.
Best taken in the morning and at lunchtime.
Green Tea has excellent antioxidant properties and helps promote thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is known to help the body burn body fat.

Barista Pack includes: 20 Sachets of Chocolate, 20 Sachets of Iced Coffee, and 20 Sachets of Mocha Flavours.
Mixed Fruit Pack includes: 30 Sachets of Mango, 30 Sachets of Tropical, and 30 Sachets of Raspberry.
Assorted Pack includes: 20 Sachets of Original, 20 Sachets of Tropical, and 20 Sachets of Raspberry.