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Finaflex Pure Test

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Pure Test is built with a natural testosterone boosting powerhouse that has been shown in recent human research to positively impact testosterone levels. Finaflex Pure Test is powered by pure D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), an amino acid derivative proven to promote significant increases in baseline testosterone levels in a short period of time. Taken regularly PURE TEST promotes increases in strength, energy levels, and a healthy sex drive.


Plays a part in TEST production, so naturally boosts. Also good for erectile dysfunction. At 3,333IU (83.3µg) daily for a year, men ended up having 25.2% more testosterone. US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health.

This is an amino acid derivative proven to promote significant increases in baseline testosterone levels in a short period of time. One study in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, showed that males supplemented with 3.12 g of D-aspartic acid for 12 days experienced an increase in their free testosterone by approximately 40 percent. After three days of no use, their free testosterone levels dropped by about 10 percent.

KSM-66 is the highest concentration full-spectrum root extract on the market today, retaining all the natural constituents of the herb in the original balance. It is the ashwagandha root extract with the most extensive set of research studies and clinical trials. KSM-66 has the highest percentage of withanolides of all root-only extracts available today. It has more than 5% concentration of with anolides, therefore the most effective form.
It is said to increase sperm concentration, ejaculation volume and sperm count.

This was evaluated by the National Institute of Health in healthy volunteers of ages between 45- 55yrs for its effect on male androgenic hormone i.e. testosterone. A placebo controlled clinical trial study dose of approximately 200mg two times daily and shilajit was conducted for 90
consecutive days. At the end of the trial, shilajit had a significant increase in total testosterone, free testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) compared to the placebo. Levels of gonadotropic hormones/sex glands luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) were well maintained in the testes.

Adaptogen, decreases sensitivity to stress. Helps decrease LDL "bad" cholesterol, increase fat oxidation, increase immune system and increase
cognitive function. Not proven to boost testosterone but works good along other ingredients to help maximise their results. Increases energy levels making you more active which is a natural way of boosting testosterone

from Turnera diffusa, it has anti-estrogen affects which help increase free testosterone available in the body. It improves sex drive and has been used for prevention and treatment of sexual problems. It increases muscle mass, boosts and maintains mental and physical stamina and is an


Take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening with water, with or without food. Do not exceed 6 capsules daily.

For optimal results use Pure Test for 4 – 8 weeks. 4 weeks off is recommended prior to next cycle. Do not use more than 60 days consecutively.