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maxines burn

Maxine's is a supplement company that is Australia owned by a subsidiary of Amino active Australia, formed more than 20 years ago. These products were developed with the recognition that active females value supplements tailored to their specific needs.

Maxine's products provide active females with supplements that supply nutrients in a tasteful and convenient form. This helps active females to achieve popular goals such as burning, boosting and toning the body.

Maxine's products are being manufactured under strict quality and purity standards, and represent some of the best value and quality female fitness supplements.

Whether it's Protein Bars, Protein Powders, Cookies or High Protein Drinks, Maxine's are serving the whole range of these products.

High levels of purified Whey Protein are in Maxine's BURN Thermogenic products. Your General Health, Hair, Skin Tone, Muscle Tone and Nails will all be better if you regularly consume a high quality Whey Protein. While Whey Protein is present in milk, a good quality Protein Supplement is the best way to cover the required Whey.

Our recommended and bestselling products from Maxine's are...


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