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The Sleep Struggle


So many people struggle to have enough sleep because they either cannot get to sleep or get to sleep quickly, but wake up during the night.

There are lots of life style tips available such as:

  • No digital usage in the hour before sleep (including TV): this stimulates the brain in some people.
  • Reading last thing at night is good
  • No coffee in the evening
  • Increasing exercise


Magnesium can be helpful, as well as herb mixtures, such as:

Fusion Organic Magnesium Advanced

NutraLife Magnesium Complete Calm Formula

Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium.

Stress and Sleep

Another common problem is reduced sleep due to stress. This may be work related, home or relationship related. Herbs of Gold Stress Ease for Adrenal Support or Fusion Stress and Anxiety can be very useful. Products such as  Herbs of Gold Sleep Ease or Fusion Sleep can be used when the reason for poor sleep is not clear.

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