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PREPD Hydration

We love new products with the latest science : for all athletes – and all people whose exercise or training lasts more than 1 hour.

· Increases hydration

· The longer the sport goes on, the better the effect

· Absorbs water from lower gut, not just the small intestine

· HASTA approved – is ASADA accepted for all athletes up to Olympic standard

· Details below


A major issue is always HYDRATION - the longer a game goes, the harder it is to rehydrate.

Arising from clinical research at Flinders and Yale Universities, a new resistant starch which encourages water to be absorbed from the large intestine, rather than just the small intestine, has been found – and can reabsorb up to 5 litres of water and electrolytes. This improves your rehydration by up to 35%!

THE SCIENCE. There are many types of resistant starch found in foods, but they breakdown in the small intestine; so this is where the water is reabsorbed. Only this starch gets to the large intestine so that athletes are absorbing additional fluid to replace what they are losing through sweat.

Imagine how that will help, - that is why several AFL teams are now using PREPD – the average player runs about 14Km per game. And it is HASTA approved – so ALL sports people can use this without fear of any drug testing.

The product does not cause bloating or constipation.

While carb-loading has been a popular approach for athletes to meet energy requirements in endurance sports, and should be continued; until now there has been no equivalent for hydration. After all, the human body can’t store water in reserve. However, using the unique resistant starch in PREPD, we can prime the body to be able to boost hydration and increase fluid absorption.


The PREPD two-step system has been specifically developed to boost the body’s hydration effectiveness before, during and after intense exertion.

01 PRIME: PREPD Prime is a pre-workout hydration enhancer consumed 6-18 hours before training and competition.

PRIME is designed to deliver an optimal dose of our unique resistant starch to prepare the gut to be able to use its full hydration potential. This helps you start better hydrated and absorb fluid more effectively when you need to perform.

02 RECOVER: PREPD Recover is a post-workout rehydration enhancer consumed immediately after training and competition.

RECOVER is hypotonic (low in sugar) and has an optimal blend of electrolytes to rapidly replenish fluids and salts. In addition, added resistant starch provides a rehydration boost in the 24 hours following exertion.

Boost the impact of any sports drink and make water work harder with PREPD.

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