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Why You Should Have Bone Broth Everyday: Immune, Skin & Gut Benefits

Why You Should Have Bone Broth Everyday: Immune, Skin & Gut Benefits

Bone broth has been used by humans since hunter gatherer times and with the myriad of health benefits this humble food provides, it had stood the test of time. Bone broth is made when the bones of either beef, chicken or fish are boiled to break down the connective tissues and bones, to condense the rich vitamin and mineral contents into either a paste or a powder. This powerful food as medicine may improve immune health, skin integrity and gut health [1].


A warming cup of bone broth has been a home remedy to fight off colds and flus that your grandparents may have used to give the immune system a healthy boost. This old fashioned practice has stood the test of time and has the science to prove it. Bone broth assists the body in fighting off infections as it is rich in immune boosting nutrients such as iron, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin K [1].


Another reason to drink bone broth daily is to improve the quality of your skin. Bone broth is rich in the protein collagen which is found in the skin and declines with age. By consuming collagen regularly, studies have been shown a significant improvement to skin elasticity and reduction to wrinkle depth [2].

Gut health

Bone broth is a nutrient dense food that is rich in the amino acid, glutamine. Glutamine is involved in strengthening our intestinal barrier function and have been shown to be particularly useful in irritable bowel syndromes to significantly reduce symptoms [4].


Bone broth paste and powder can be enjoyed in soups, sauces, as a medicinal drink mixed with hot water, and the powdered form can even be added to baking!

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