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Roogenic: Herbal Teas That Harness The Power Of Australian Plant Medicine

Roogenic: Herbal Teas That Harness The Power Of Australian Plant Medicine

If the last year has taught us anything, it is how important it is to support local businesses choosing to buy Australian. Roogenic is family-owned health food company that harnesses the power of Australian plant medicine with their range of herbal tea blends.

At Evelyn-Faye Nutrition, we endeavour to support high quality, ethical and local brands. Roogenic teas are pesticide free as they are either organically grown or wildcrafted. Roogenic work closely with Indigenous Australian communities and small farmers across Australia to share the best quality ingredients that the Australian earth provides with the world.

Before Roogenic, Australian native plants had not been widely utilised within commercially available tea market. Australian native plants offer a fresh and unique flavour profile and exhibit a wide array of health benefits. According to the Traditional Owner and Aboriginal Elder, Bruno Dann, Jilungin is a herb found in the Dreamtime blend, and has been used for decades by the Nyul Nyul community to induce a long, deep sleep. The Native Immuni-Tea blend contains the native fruit, Quandong, which is naturally nutrient and antioxidant rich as it contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, folate, iron and magnesium.

Roogenic tea is available in loose leaf and tea bag form, and their wide range of herbal tea blends support many aspects of health such as relaxation, liver support and immune function.

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