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Manuka Honey: Australia v New Zealand


New Zealand Manuka Honey was considered the best, but new studies have shown that Australian Manuka Honey is at least as powerful against bacteria.

The growing global crisis of antibiotic resistance (that we talked about in one of our previous posts), which is so often in the news now as it affects so many hospital stays, has further sparked interest in Manuka Honey.

What's Different about Australian & New Zealand Manuka Honey?

Australia has more than 80 types of manuka trees growing, while New Zealand has only one species. The research from samples in New South Wales and Queensland from their flowering manuka (Leptospermum) trees found the nectar-derived chemical that gives New Zealand manuka honey its unique antibacterial properties, is also present in all Australian varieties.

This research by Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation lead by Dr. Nural Coketin also found the antibacterial properties of Manuka Honey remain unchanged over several years when stored correctly.

What's the Big Deal?

All honeys have different flavours and different medicinal properties, depending on the flowers bees visit for nectar. What makes Manuka Honey so special is the exceptionally high level of stable antibacterial activity, arising from a naturally occurring compound (methylglyoxal [MGO]) in the nectar of manuka flowers; it is this ingredient that acts against golden staph infections and other "superbugs" resistant to current antibiotics.

Australian Manuka Honey

The best of the Australian Manuka Honey is called Manuka Gold. A wonderful range of honeys plus a range of Manuka Honey skincare products. It is definitely worth having a look at this range. Follow the links below to see their range of Manuka Honey's.

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New Zealand Manuka Honey

In our store, we have found that the best New Zealand Manuka Honey on the market today is Ka Noa. This is because all their honey is UMF Certified, meaning that they all meet a set of criteria which includes the regular monitoring and auditing of their product. It is also because their honey is single source and are only available in limited runs.

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Written by Ian Collins

Owner of Evelyn Faye Nutrition

One thought on “Manuka Honey: Australia v New Zealand”

  • Sophie

    I used to only buy Manuka honey from NZ. But the quality of Manuka honey being made in Australia is now just as good and cheaper. You cannot go wrong either way.

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