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Latest ATP Science products - T432 and Alpha Mars

ATP Science - T432

T432 is a unique metabolic enhancer and is one of the few true fat burners available on the market today. T432 has been formulated to provide all the ingredients needed to synthesise T4 (Thyroxine) our base thyroid hormone. It also works to increase the conversion of T4 to T3 a five times more potent compound. This increases your base metabolic rate significantly.

The compounds in T432 also increase body temperature, suppress appetite and provide a clean consistent energy that helps you stick with your diet plan. You need to take T432 with food as the spices can be quite potent. A standard dose would be 1-2 capsules with breakfast and lunch. It seems Females may need the full dose as they tend to feel the cold more than males who seem to usually only require the minimum dose.

T432 contains only 37mg of caffeine from Yerba Mate so is only equivalent to 1/3rd of a coffee which means you’re not relying on the high stimulant content of most fat burners which can lead to fatigue after prolonged use.


ATP Science - Alpha Mars

Alpha Mars is a true Testosterone booster tricking the body to increase production of natural testosterone. The ingredients also work to lower SHBG which then increases your free and active testosterone. Alpha Mars also has an anti estrogenic effect which when all three actions combine provide you with a significant improvement in your testosterone/estrogen profile.

Remembering that Alpha Mars actually works to increase your natural production of testosterone unlike any other product on the market you can stay on it for 3 months safely; research has shown increases up to 23% over this time frame. Alpha Mars is also suitable for males of all ages though the older you are or the lower your testosterone profile is you may feel stronger effects. Dose is 2 twice daily. You can expect an increased libido, increased strength and recovery, weight loss and improved energy.

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