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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • Plant Protein and Whey Protein

    protein powder

    All protein is made up of Amino Acids - 22 including the 8 essential amino acids. [Essential means that the body cannot make this amino acid from another].

    Yes, Plant Protein works just as well for building muscle and for recovery from exercise as Whey (milk derived) protein.

    Each protein source may have a slightly different ratio of Amino Acids, but you will not notice the difference they all work in the same manner.

    So do not hesitate to swap or try a different protein, sometimes a change is triggers the body to improve.

    Plant Proteins such as Prana, Amazonia Raw, Ezy Protein, Sun Warrior, San Raw Fusion, Vital Pea Protein are options.

    Whey Proteins include – Horleys Ice, Optimum Gold Standard, Giant Casein and Victory Hydrolysed.

  • The Sleep Struggle


    So many people struggle to have enough sleep because they either cannot get to sleep or get to sleep quickly, but wake up during the night.

    There are lots of life style tips available such as:

    • No digital usage in the hour before sleep (including TV): this stimulates the brain in some people.
    • Reading last thing at night is good
    • No coffee in the evening
    • Increasing exercise


    Magnesium can be helpful, as well as herb mixtures, such as:

    Fusion Organic Magnesium Advanced

    NutraLife Magnesium Complete Calm Formula

    Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium.

    Stress and Sleep

    Another common problem is reduced sleep due to stress. This may be work related, home or relationship related. Herbs of Gold Stress Ease for Adrenal Support or Fusion Stress and Anxiety can be very useful. Products such as  Herbs of Gold Sleep Ease or Fusion Sleep can be used when the reason for poor sleep is not clear.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff are here to help. Phone: (03) 9670 1346 or Email

  • The Ketogenic Diet: What Is It?

    ketogenic diet

    The Ketogenic Diet is very restricted carbohydrates, high fat and moderate protein food intake.

    How does it work?

    Lowering carbohydrate (sugar) intake forces our body to utilise  stored fat to produce energy. This causes a state of ketosis, where ketone acids are produced in the body aiding fat loss. It usually takes at least 4 weeks to reach a full state of ketosis, but you will lose weight from the start.

    Who uses it?

    Ketogenic Diets are used by people looking for significant weight loss or body sculpting.  For further advice do not hesitate to contact our sports nutritionists and naturopaths.

    Phone: 1800 630 261 or Email:

    Some things to note

    To best manage body fat issues, carbohydrate intake is what we should note.  Reduce carbohydrate intake at all times. To balance this, increase your protein intake, either, meat, fish, chicken.

    If you are often hungry or if you are vegetarian or vegan,  a protein powder drink 1 or 2 times a day can reduce hunger pangs and stop you reaching for high sugar, or fast food quick fixes. We also have Plant based Protein Powder such as Prana, Amazonia Raw, Ezy Protein.  Also your fat intake should be increased, good fats such as Flaxseed Oil, Fish Oil, MCT Oil, Coconut Oil and natural nut butters such as Almond, Brazil, Macadamia.

    What supplements can help us achieve weight loss?

    Carnitine breaks down fat cells in our body and is good choice because there are no side effects and can be used for any age above 15 years.

    Products that reduce sugar cravings, if this is a problem for you, Herbs of Gold Glucoplex, ATP Amp-V are very helpful.

    Products that act as appetite suppressants such as Oxy Shred, Rapid Shred, ATP Amp-V and Hydroxycut Next Gen are also helpful.

    Why is ATP Amp-V in both categories?

    The Peppermint Oil reduces sugar cravings and is an appetite suppressant . It also helps with digestion. The CLA and Coconut Oils in ATP Amp-V help the body burn fat for energy.

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