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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Pre-Workouts and BCAAs: What Can They Do For You?



    Pre-Workouts are essentially amino acid formulas to aid training performance; most having added stimulants as well such as caffeine. Pre-Workouts are designed to be taken before training and are very fast acting. Most take effect within 30 minutes after taking them. Some of the benefits of taking a pre-workout are:

    • Increased stamina
    • Increased focus
    • Higher energy levels
    • Higher blood flow/pump, which can aid muscle growth by increasing the amount of stress you can put on your muscles

    Other ingredients that may be found in pre-workouts include:

    Arginine—converts to nitric oxide in the body

    Beta-Alanine—an amino acid that reduces lactic acid build up. (Tingle effect.)

    Betaine—a modified amino acid that helps boost muscle strength and power

    BCAAs—drive muscle growth, increase energy and stop fatigue

    Citrulline Malate—increases energy levels by removing ammonia from the body, reducing fatigue

    Creatine—provides the muscles with energy and water

    Glycerol—the backbone of primary fats in the diet. It attracts and binds large amounts of fluid to increase pump

    Taurine—an amino acid that helps increase muscle endurance and strength

    Tyrosine—an amino acid that boosts energy, mood, and mental focus by producing hormones and neurotransmitters that can boost intensity during workouts.

    Some of our top selling pre-workouts include:

    1. Cellucor C4
    2. Nutrex Outrage
    3. APN Intense
    4. Next Generation GAME ON
    5. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout


    Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) refers to three of the most important amino acids that are good for building and repairing muscle tissue. These three main amino acids are:

    • Leucine
    • Isoleucine
    • Valine

    BCAAs are responsible for protein synthesis which is the body’s process of building protein, which essentially means to build muscle.

    Some of the BCAA formulas come with added electrolytes to keep the body hydrated.

    It is important to ingest BCAAs on a daily basis.

    To recap, BCAA supplements are:

    • Quickly absorbed
    • Great for muscle fibre synthesis and repair
    • Easy to consume by simply adding to water
    • Good energy booster
    • Good for keeping the body hydrated

    Some of our top BCAA supplements are:

    1. PES Amino IV
    2. EHP Labs Beyond BCAA
    3. Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA
    4. Horleys Amino XL
    5. Scivation Xtend


    We advise speaking to our sports nutritionists prior to taking pre-workouts and BCAA supplements. Our friendly staff are always here to help. (Tel 1800 630 261 or email

  • Tomato Pill: How It Can Help Stop The Nightmare Peeing Problem


    Getting up time after time to go to the bathroom at night is a major issue for many men and their relationships.

    A new way of tackling an embarrassing problem suffered by 90% of men as they get older who need to pee frequently in the night has been revealed in a published research paper last week that could transform the lives of millions.

    In the UK the condition was highlighted earlier in this year when BBC TV and radio celebrity Chris Evans told millions of listeners about his plight on his Breakfast show. In Australia Derryn Hinch did the same thing.

    Now doctors reviewing 67 research studies from around the world, have found that a nutrient called lycopene which gives tomatoes their red colour, is a potentially effective treatment for the peeing problems suffered by many.

    With age most men suffer an unexplained expansion of the prostate, the gland which makes semen and which is wrapped around the urinary tract.

    The prostate constricts the tube and may block it altogether causing a condition called benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), which means peeing is slow, difficult or impossible.

    Professor Hiten Patel, an expert in men’s health from the University of Tromso in Norway, who is also a clinical senior lecturer at Bart’s and the Royal London Hospital, led the team which reviewed the research, now published in the journal, Oncology and Cancer Case Reports.

    We knew lycopene seems to slow down the development of prostate cancer, but now it seems it can slow down the enlargement of the prostate and development of BPH as well,” he said.

    One of the problems highlighted whilst researching the paper was that lycopene is not easily absorbed into the blood unless processed in some way. The exception he found was a novel formulation LactoLycopene. It is only marketed in Australia under the brand Ateronon.

    Studies at Cambridge University have shown LactoLycopene doubles the body’s take up of lycopene. Professor Patel has investigated its efficacy and says it could “significantly improve BPH symptoms.”

    Lycopene supplementation is also recommended by Professor Roger Kirby, Britain’s leading prostate specialist who is himself a prostate cancer survivor. ‘”I have been giving prescriptions for it for some years,” he says.

    Dr Athene Lane, a researcher at Bristol University, has investigated the effect of diet on prostate cancer risk and has co-authored a study of almost 14,000 men showing that those who ate the most tomatoes had an 18% reduced risk of prostate cancer.

    Studies on Ateronon are continuing, as it is such a successful supplement.

  • Infection: Resistance to All Antibiotics


    What a frightening headline- it means less and less can we rely on antibiotics as the total cure- and it highlights the overuse of antibiotics in the community.

    In Pennsylvania USA a woman has a urinary tract infection that is resistant to every antibiotic.

    So what do we do? We build up our natural defence system in our body… Our immune system.

    This is vitally important as it can prevent us getting infections, or if we do get an infection making it easier for our body to fight it.

    This applies to everyone from small children right through to the elderly….

    Especially the elderly as they tend to have reduced immune systems.

    Athletes and people who push for fitness often have lower immune function due to the increase work load they put on their system. This does not mean reducing your intense exercise, it means being aware and taking the necessary supplements.

    A good diet is fundamental to great health and a strong immune system. Having a well-balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, as well as minerals is necessary. It will supply you with all the essential nutrients used to help strengthen the immune system.

    The supplements we can use to boost the immune system are:

    *SB is a beneficial probiotic yeast that helps to maintain GI function and microbial status by increasing IgA to assist in supporting a healthy immune system and discourage the growth of unfriendly micro-organisms


    Always consult with one of our Naturopaths for further advice on 1800 630 261

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