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Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • What is Lycopene

    Lycopene is derived from the Tomato plant and is a powerful antioxidant that is easily absorbed by our system.

    It works by removing the potentially harmful “free radicals”.
    There has been virtually no Lycopene available in Australia for more than 2 years – finally it is back and in a dose of 7mg – far better than the original 2mg that used to be available.

    Lycopene has proven very helpful in prostate problems as well as supporting a healthy cardiovascular system.

    There used to be a story that having lots of cooked tomatoes, reduced the risk of prostate problems; it has been found that the main ingredient of  cooked tomatoes was Lycopene. One tablet is equivalent to 1kg of tomatoes!

    Ateronon the name of this Lycopene is a patented formula that has been chosen and tested at Harvard Medical School, Cambridge University and at Brigham Hospital.

    It has been proven to

  • ATP Science Testosterone Podcast

    Welcome to the ATP Project’s episode #3!

    In this episode, Matt and Jeff discuss

    • The good and bad of testosterone for both men and women
    • How testosterone builds muscle
    • What free testosterone is and why more will build more muscle
    • Testosterone and its relationship with the negative hormone DHT
    • The effect DHT has on the body and how to avoid it

    and a whole lot more! Listen in and leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

  • ATP Science Estrogen Podcast

    Welcome to the ATP Project’s episode #2!  In this episode Matt and Jeff discuss everything ESTROGEN.  They talk about estrogen dominance, cellulite, man boobs and fat storage.

    0:00 – 1:50 :  Introduction to the show

    1:51-3:50 : What is Estrogen?

    3:51-7.27 : Xeno-estrogens, environmental exposure and surviving toxic insults.

    7:28-8:20 : 3 Estrogen pathways – the good, the bad and the ugly.

    8:21 – 10:20 : Restoring the balance

    10:21 – 12:28  : 3 things that people are doing that is increasing their estrogen exposure.

    12:29 – 14:47 : CHEAT and re-set your liver.

    16:40 – 24:30  : Why don’t supplements work for me?

    24:31 – 36:09 : FAQs 1) Man boobs, 2) pockets of fat that won’t budge and 3) why women get cellulite and men don’t.

  • ATP Science Fat Loss Podcast

    In this episode Matt and Jeff dive head first into the big topic of FAT LOSS.  They tackle 3 of the most used ingredients in the world discussing their efficacy.  They examine the effects of the thyroid gland in the body and how it can become a major hand break for fat loss, and a whole lot more.

    0:00 – 2:00 :  Introduction to the show

    2:00-5:00 : How ATP Science started & why

    5:35-7.50 : How do we (ATP Science) develop products?

    7:51-11:05 : Raspberry Ketones – good, bad, hype?

    11:06 – 14:08 : Garcinia cambogia – is it being misrepresented and does it actually work?

    14:09 – 22:15  : Hormonal imbalances and the effects on fat loss

    22:16 – 27:30 : Thyroid and its importance in fat loss (determining your metabolic rate)

    27:40 – 29:45  : Where do you start if you want to lose body fat or you are struggling to lose fat?

    29:46 – 33:27 : L-Carnitine…?

    33:28 – 35:00 : Funny story

    35:01 – end :  What’s coming up in the next Episode.

  • Is Morning Coffee Bad For You?

    One of the key things I often hear from people coming through the clinic or the shop is their need to quit coffee. “I know I’ll feel better once I quit my coffees” is not far away from the statement echoed by most when they begin to feel tired, but can coffee actually be beneficial in disease prevention?Coffee

    After numerous studies released from around 2010 it seems that your morning coffee can actually have a protective effect on your liver. One particular study found that coffee can in fact reduced risk of non-alcohol based fatty liver disease, with marked results in the group having coffee and non-coffee drinkers.
    With all the negative press on the role of coffee in chronic illness as well as its role in obesity and dehydration, if you can manage to treat it with respect, keep your water levels up, you might find the benefits unfold for your liver better than you thought!

    Don’t want to use coffee as an aid for your liver? Then why not look at one of the most celebrated herbs in the natural medicine cabinet in the form of Milk Thistle. Included in almost every liver formula on the shelf and in the natural medicine clinic, Milk Thistle is well known and well researched for its ability to have a rejuvenating effect on the liver through both the reduction of inflammation and the repair of liver cells affected by environmental toxins along with alcohol and other toxic substances.

    Philip Watkins – Naturopath, Evelyn Faye Nutrition

  • Sean Rankine

    Our sports specialist at South Melbourne, Sean Rankine, recently celebrated an amazing win in the WFF Mens Performance Category at the Inaugural Lee Priest Invitational WFF Pro Qualifier Competition held in NSW on the 22nd March 2015.

    Competing in a tough line up of 6 competitors, all competing for eligibility for their pro card to become a WFF professional competitor, Sean placed first after deciding to enter himself into the mix just five days before he went on stage!

    Sean is currently preparing for another 4 shows over the course of the coming months including the state and national championship titles.

    We are very proud of Sean and his achievements so if you want advice on anything from preparing yourself for the stage or simply improving your body then come into South Melbourne Evelyn Faye and have a chat with Sean. He will be happy to help with whatever you need.

    Sean Rankine

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