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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • PALEO BARS are a standout!

    The move to Paleo diet is growing so fast as people feel and see it's benefits. Going back to lots of vegetables, nuts, berries, fruits, and grass fed meat for the protein content and to feel elegantly full.

    To remove grains, dairy, especially refined sugars and starches – energy dense foods - is such a healthy choice, and we know that it contributes to lowering obesity and all the negative health related issues that come with it.

    Many in society suffer from stomach cramps, reflux, irritable bowel, tiredness, indigestion, the Paleo diet is worth a try.

    Paleo Bars, The Original, are great tasting bars that are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, preservative free and have no added sugars.

    Brilliant for all sports people – loved by Cross fit devotees – and just a general healthy bar.

    Perfect for that snack when we are hungriest  11.00am and 4.00pm.

    Blue dinosaur paleo bars Blue dinosaur paleo bars


    Sarah Taylor you are a superb example of what can be achieved. Your hard work, dedication, and all that you return to the sport has been a joy to watch, we have been so lucky to be a small part of yourprogress. No Australian has reached these heights before.

    What you achieved in the last 8 weeks:

    Sarah Taylor bodybuilding Sarah Taylor bodybuilding

    INBA/PNBA World Cup (Los Angeles)
    - 1st Figure Open
    - 1st Figure Masters over 40
    - 1st Physique Open
    - 1st Physique Masters over 40

    PRO QUALIFIED in both Figure and Physique

    UFE World Championships (Toronto)
    - 1st Physique
    - 2nd Figure

    PRO QUALIFIED in both Figure and Physique

    WNBF World Championships
    - 1st Figure Open (Medium height)
    - 1st Figure Masters 040
    - 1st Miss Fit body Open

    PRO QUALIFIED in both Figure and Miss Fit Body

    Sarah, you are a wonderful mentor.

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