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San BCAA Pro Reloaded

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BCAA Pro high L-Glutamine

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BCAA-ProGet your hands on SAN's outstanding new BCAA Pro Reloaded before it flies off the shelves in droves. It was designed to set off more protein synthesis and support more muscle-building than any product available. BCAA Pro Reloaded is 10 times more anabolic potentiating than anything we’ve created before!

Let's say you're as stubborn as a lazy mule. You've put an idea in your head. You're resolved to add slabs of granite-chiseled, functional muscle every month. Your mind is made up... period. No second guessing. You'll show no mercy on the pitiful soul, circumstance or obstacle that even tries to stand in your way!

Combined with the right training, nutrition and SAN's BCAA Pro Reloaded... serious muscle gains are very real and totally within your grasp because BCAA Pro Reloaded maximizes protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the name of the game when it comes to building muscle. In layman's terms, it means the production of new muscle by the union of constituent amino acids...

And that is where BCAA Pro Reloaded steps in. Comparing the muscle building power of BCAA Pro Reloaded to any other BCAA product on the street is like comparing the muscle size of a Pro Bodybuilder to a high school swimmer. SAN has again revolutionized the industry standard with BCAA Pro Reloaded, containing a mind-boggling muscle building amino acid ratio of 12:1:1.

Stimulates a positive nitrogen balance
Contains 3 x the Leucine of most BCAA formula's
Post Workout Recovery

Servings Per Container 40 Serving Size 11.4g (1 Scoop)
Amount Per Serving
12:1:1 iBCAA Solv Instantized BCAA's7500mg
L-Glutamine (Micronised)2500mg