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Rapid Electrolyte Replacement

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Thirst happens and water alone isn't always enough. Electrolytes are essential in the hydration equation. Whether you're an athlete, weekend warrior, outdoor enthusiast, travelling or you've just had a big night, you'll probably need something to combat dehydration. Enter AquaForce. It's isotonic, which means it matches the body's fluids and is rapidly absorbed. Essential energy-promoting electrolytes combine in ideal ratios to prevent or treat mild dehydration that can occur from sustained strenuous activity, at work or at play. AquaForce has no extra unnecessary ingredients to slow you down. (Did we mention it's great for kids too!). Just electrolytes replacing electrolytes. It's that simple.

Directions For Use

AquaForce must be reconstituted with water.
Mix AquaForce in the amounts indicated below and stir until completely dissolved.
To be most effective, do not make more concentrated than directed.
Drink cold for faster absorption and better taste.

AquaForce Powder: Mix with:
1 Scoop 250ml Water
4 Scoops 1 Litre of Water
Entire Container 20 Litres of Water

Drink before and after exertion, and 250ml per 15 minutes during sustained strenuous exertion.